Professional Projects

Educational Mobile App about Genetics (September 2019 – Present)

Currently I am contracted by the Medical and Genetics departments of Cardiff University to develop an educational mobile app that is designed to teach collage students about genetics and how it relates to mental health.

This app is being developed using C# within the Unity game engine as it is a fairly visual project that is required to be deployed on multiple platforms.

I am working on my own for this project and have to handle all issues that the client may have in addition to development and deployment. This means I regulary liase with them and organise various meetings with the people involved when complex issue arise.

Technologies Used

  • Unity
  • C#
  • JSON
  • iOS and Android Development

Cyber Security Training Game (January – May 2019)

I was contracted by the University of South Wales in association with TARIAN crime unit as part of the South Wales Police.

This project involved a web and desktop game being developed for use by business owners that wish to improve their knowledge of cyber security and how they can secure their business.

It was written in C# using the Unity game engine, it was also developed with customisation in mind with all of the data within the game being easily modified by someone who cannot program. This was achieved using a JSON structure to house all of the game progression information and a CSV file to hold the information that the player interacts with.

Additionally, this project was produced within a small team of 3 people, with me taking on a lead role, ensuring various tasks were completed on time and done correctly, as per our project specification and what had been discussed through various meetings.

Technologies Used

  • Unity
  • C#
  • JSON

The game can be played online on here:

Haemic’s Challenge (June 2016 – July 2018)

Haemic’s Challenge is a mobile game that I was contracted to develop for the NHS Wales. It’s targeted at children between the ages of 4 and 12 who have haemophilia.

The game has been designed to teach the children about their condition by having them complete a variety of arcade style mini-games. These games portray topics which relate to the condition and it should remain fun while having an educational backing.

The game has been developed in Lua using the Corona SDK. The main reasons for developing the game in this particular SDK is being able to export it to multiple platforms such as iOS or Android. In addition to this, it also allowed for rather fast development time which was very useful being the sole developer and having to handle all aspects of the project life cycle from planning to deployment.

As the game was developed for the NHS Wales, I often had to attend meetings and provide regular updates about the status of the project. This proved particularly useful as I had to ensure the game would suit its target audience and the constant feedback would help me achieve that.

I also have presented the game at a trade show called the Celtic Game Show as mentioned on my blog, this in turn was an invaluable experience and provided much needed feedback from people outside the NHS Wales.

Technologies Used

  • Corona SDK
  • Lua
  • iOS & Android Development

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