Simulation of Real-Time Soft-Bodies

Modelling and Simulation of Real-Time Soft-Bodies for Computer Games

As part of my disseration I was required to develop a simulation of a real-time soft-body physics library, with experimentation occurring within the Unity Game Engine and core library code written in C++ using OpenGL for rendering.

I made use of an entity-component-system design pattern for the C++ library and in doing so have made it very easy to generate new objects within the scene and apply various components to them.

Since soley undertaking the project within pure C++ would be a large undertaking that would require significant developement and testing of many areas that are not directly related to the dissertation title, I made sure I could produce fully working and realistic physics using the Unity Engine. Although this engine was used, I made sure I did not make use of any existing Unity components where possible so that I would have an easier time translating my result into C++.

Technologies Used

  • C++
  • OpenGL
  • GLSL
  • Unity
  • C#

Source code available here:

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