Extra Credits Game Jam #4

Extra Credits Game Jam #4

For this game jam, me and the small team I worked with wanted to make use of the Unreal Engine as we thought the added challenge would be particulary interesting and useful. In addition to using the Unreal Engine, we wanted to make sure that we made using C++ the primary focus as opposed to the built in BluePrint system it has.

The game we developed is called ‘Hotspots’ and is a top down 3D game which has the player running around a procedually generated city connecting to as many WIFI hotspots as they can in order to download as many files as possible within the time limit. This idea was chosen due to the game jam theme being ‘Connect’.

Technologies Used

  • Unreal Engine
  • C++

Source code available here: https://github.com/JackSmerdon/Extra-Credits-4

Itch.io page available here: https://jack-smerdon.itch.io/hotspots

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