Global Game Jam 2019

Global Game Jam 2019

I took part in the Global Game Jam 2019 which required a game following the theme of ‘What home means to you’ to be completed in 48-hours.

As part of a large team by game jam standards, the game that was produced is titled ‘There’s No Place Like Home (Unless Your Flatmates are Home)’. It involves the player travelling around a shared house with crazy housemates that cannot stand any noise being made. You must complete various objectives but doing so as quietly as possible in order to survive.

This game was developed using the Unity engine with C# and the artwork was produced by 2 artists. Personally I developed the objectives, game progression and picking up/dropping items systems. In addition, spent the majority of my time producing the back end systems such as a game manager, event system and optimised the lighting/light maps.

Technologies Used

  • Unity
  • C#

Source code available here: page available here:

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