Hello, Welcome to my portfolio

A postgraduate student studying advanced computer science and pursued an undergraduate degree in computer games development. Has successfully developed two computer and mobile games for clients, with a third ongoing, undertaking all aspects of production in addition to the development, including liaising with clients, organising meetings and managing the project timeline. More information about my professional projects can be found here.

In addition to my professional projects, I have undertaken a varity of academic ones, these cover a broad range of technical skills using a variety of programming languages and technologies. More information about this be found here.

Primary Technical Skills
C/C++, C#, GLSL, Lua, Python, JavaScript
OpenGL, Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Visual Studio
Git, JIRA, OOP, Design Patterns, Amazon Web Services

Feel free to explore my portfolio and contact me at will@williamakins.com. In addition you can find me with the social media links at the top left of the page.

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